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Training to go the distance

Middle distance and endurance running focus on improving stamina, or the athlete's ability to run for a longer period of time. At the same time there is a unique strategic component to the discipline, as the athlete must learn to pace themselves and save their energy for the final leg of the race.

SS Athletics Southend covers 400, 800 and 1,500+ metre runs.

Our middle distance and endurance running classes therefore focus on developing straightforward aerobic and cardiovascular fitness, so they can run faster and for longer. We also cover pacing strategies, endurance techniques and finishing strategies.

a number of children running a middle distance track with the SSAthletics' athlete frontrunning



two girls running middle distance on a racetrack

Personalising your child's training

We account for the subtleties of biomechanics (An athlete's pace, limb length, etc), and our periodised approach to training ensures that there's an emphasis not just on achieving good times and beating personal bests, but running safely and effectively.

three SSAthletic athletes running on a racetrack

Giving your child the highest quality training

SS Athletics enjoys the use of a national running track, giving our athletes both a high-quality and safe running surface while allowing us to accurately measure distances and tailor the pace for each stage of the SS Athletics pathway.



Middle-distance, endurance and cross-country running in Southend is coached by:


Ian Pike

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Lead Coach

20+ years of experience as a national-level UKA endurance coach and former world record holder in the New York City-Los Angeles relay race.



Nette Taylor

Nette Taylor, endurance coach at SSAthletics

England Athletics-qualified run leader with 12 marathons under her belt (and counting!)



Jason Brown

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UKA-qualified athletics coach.



Liliana Tay

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Current cross-country athlete.



Stuart Smith

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Endurance and performance coach. 







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