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A modern take on an ancient test of strength

Far more than simply throwing an object, a correct discus throw involves technical aspects including grip, stance, release, accuracy and speed generation.

Our session includes all of these and more when we train the discus in Southend. Our athletes work on building core strength, rotational power and developing the proper throwing mechanics to optimise their performance.

a person in preparation of performing a discus throw



a number of discus' lined up on a rack

Refining your child's technique and power

Our coaches tailor the technique instruction and progressions to suit the ages and skill levels of each athlete, with younger athletes focusing on basic throwing mechanics while older or more advanced athletes spend time refining their technique and increasing power. The weights of each discus will also be adjusted to suit the individual athlete's age and strength.

a lady posing in preparation for a discus throw

Open grounds and flexible for your child's needs

SS Athletics Southend has access to plenty of open ground to safely and effectively drill the discus. We also own a variety of differently-weighted discuses so that we can tailor the discipline for younger athletes.



Our coaches for the discus in Southend are:


Mark Futcher

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Passionate throwing coach



Daryl Blows

Daryl Blows - discus coach

Chairman of SSAthletics and discus coach 




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