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Strength and accuracy – With a few twists

The hammer throw is a showcase of an athlete's power, technique and precision, with the goal of achieving maximum distance by generating rotational force.

Our hammer throwing in Southend involves both working on the fundamentals of the movement, while building explosiveness to help generate rotational power and fine-tune their throwing technique.

a person performing a hammer throw with a orange hammer



a person holding a hammer in preparation for a hammer throw with a green mesh fence in front of them

Keeping training safe for your child

Safety is paramount with the hammer throw, and so we take things slowly when coaching our athletes. Younger athletes will use lighter hammers to develop their technique, avoid strain and build confidence, while experienced athletes will gradually progress to heavier hammers to build power and distance.

a person with bent legs holding a hammer in preparation for a hammer throw

The best grounds for training your child

SS Athletics Southend has access to a wide-open sporting ground, giving our athletes plenty of space to safely practice their form within a designated area.



Hammer throwing in Southend is coached by:


Mark Futcher

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Passionate throwing coach








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