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Helping young athletes reach for the sky

Simple in theory but complicated in practice, the high jump is a gravity-defying discipline with a world of technicalities and techniques from the iconic Fosbury Flop to the traditional straddle.

Our high jump training in Southend involves a combination of strength and conditioning exercises and technical refinement. The aim is to build explosive leg power for the initial take-off, enhancing flexibility to clear the bar and mastering the intricacies of each technique.

a SSAthletics' child clearing a high jump bar in a gymnasium



a lady clearing a high jump bar onto a blue mat

Adjustable to your child's skill

With the high jump being such a complicated discipline, we focus on basic jumping mechanics and body control when coaching our younger athletes, while adjusting the bar height to suit their experience level and build confidence. Older athletes will focus on refining their techniques and challenging themselves with progressively higher bars.

a person clearing a yellow high jump bar backwards

Bring safety foremost to your child's training

SS Athletics Southend has access to a competition-sized jump pit, filled with sand to make sure athletes can land confidently and safely.



Our high jump training in Southend is coached by:


Martin Leaver

Martin Leaver - high jump coach

30+ years of athletics coaching experience.



Daryl Blows

Daryl Blows - high jump coach

Chairman of SSAthletics and high jump coach




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