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A showcase of explosive strength and precise technique

Fewer track and field disciplines are as exciting and dynamic as the javelin. It is a throwing event where athletes launch a spear-like implement as far as possible using a run-up and explosive throwing motion.

Our javelin training in Southend teaches athletes how to hold a javelin ready to throw, approach the throwing line with the run-up and crossover steps before transferring the momentum they've built up into a throw, which we split into the pull, release and recover.

a man preparing to through a javelin across a stadium field



a lady preparing to throw a javelin across a field

Tailored to your child's strengths 

We can tailor this for each individual athlete using a combination of biomechanics by accounting for the athlete's body positioning and arm mechanics, and by simply using a lighter or heavier Petranoff javelin (We use either 300g or 400g javelins).

a close up of a man preparing to throw a javelin

Safe and professional javelin training

Given the similarities between the sports, we also cover howlers, rounders ball and tennis ball throwing for local competitions.

SS Athletics Southend makes use of the grounds at the Southend Leisure & Tennis Centre, giving us plenty of room to safely train for the javelin throw. We also have a number of plastic safety javelins for younger athletes.



Our javelin training in Southend is coached by:


Kerri Edwards

Kerry Edwards - javelin coach

Lifelong athletics enthusiast and experienced coach



Mark Futcher

placeholder for team image

Passionate throwing coach



Daryl Blows

Daryl Blows - throwing coach

Chairman of SSAthletics & passionate throwing coach







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