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Leaping towards athletic success

Both the long jump and standing long jump are simple yet challenging tests of athleticism. One is a simple evaluation of total jump distance from a standstill, while the other is a more technical combination of speed and agility.

Our long jump training in Southend includes both disciplines and treats them as standalone events, instead of two sides of the same coin. Our standing long jump sessions cover the three components of a standing long jump (The take-off, flight and landing), while our conventional long jump sessions focus on acceleration to achieve maximum velocity and incorporate techniques such as the hitch kick to improve air time.

a child performing a long jump down a track indoors



a girl performing a run up to a long jump pit

Bringing proper form

We emphasise and drill proper jumping technique for our younger athletes and beginners, and as the athlete gains experience, we switch the focus of the sessions into developing overall strength, flexibility and speed.

a child in SSAthletics' garb in midair performing a long jump

Providing well-maintained sand pits

SS Athletics Southend has access to a sand-filled long jump pit and track, ensuring that our athletes can safely and effectively train for the long jump.



Our long jump training in Southend is coached by


Martin Leaver

Martin Leaver - long jump coach

30+ years of athletics coaching experience.



Lucy Reeve

placeholder for coach image

Experienced long jump specialist.



Kerry B

Kerry B - long jump coach

Former long jump athlete with over 3 decades of experience.







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