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‘Putting' an athlete's strength to the test

The shot put is a deceptively complicated discipline, in how the athlete has to push (Or ‘put') rather than throw a heavy weight while utilising their entire body to generate as much force as possible.

We tailor our approach to training for the shot put accordingly, emphasising grip and placement and the delivery of the shot. The weights of the rubber shot depends on the age group of each step of the SS Athletics pathway, with younger athletes using a lighter weight and more experienced athletes a heavier weight.

a shotput arena with a circle where the athlete stands



a person holding up a metal shot put ball

Bringing your child's inner strength out

More than simple technical form, our shot put training sessions focus on lower body strength and upper body power with a combination of sports-specific, mobility and flexibility drills to maximise performance.

a young man holding a shot put in preperation for a throw

Flexible training for your child

SS Athletics Southend enjoys use of a sports ground, including a complete shot put circle for competition-specific training in addition to a complete stock of rubber shorts of assorted weights.



Shot put in Southend is coached by:


Kerri Edwards

Kerry Edwards - shot put coach

Lifelong athletics enthusiast and experienced coach



Mark Futcher

placeholder for team image

Passionate throwing coach



Daryl Blows

Daryl Blows - shot put coach

Chairman of SSAthletics & passionate throwing coach







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