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Our sprints training in Southend focuses on improving an athlete's speed, agility and quickness. An athlete will naturally develop their anaerobic fitness (The ability to generate short but intense bursts of energy) as they train for sprinting.

SS Athletics Southend covers 60, 100 and 200 metre sprints.

Sprinting is a surprisingly technical discipline, consistent of several stages as the athlete accelerates towards the finish line. Our highly-qualified coaches therefore teach the techniques of a good sprint accordingly, such as the correct starting position, the drive phase (acceleration), transition phase and maximum velocity.

a child in SSAthletics' garb sprinting down a racetrack



an girl in SSAthletics' garb sprinting down a racetrack

Keeping your child's best form

We also place a large emphasis on the biomechanics of running, such as A-skips drilling, B-skips drilling and coaching proper foot placement.

a girl in SSAthletics' garb frontrunning against another competitor in a sprint

All the materials needed for success

As SS Athletics is based out of a fully-equipped leisure centre, our athletes have free access to a national running track.



Our sprints training is coached by:


Adam McCarthy

Adam McCarthy - sprints training

Lead Coach

Lifelong athlete and sprints coach.



Martin Leaver

Martin Leaver - sprints training

30+ years of athletics coaching experience.



Daryl Blows 

Daryl Blows - sprints coach

Chairman of SSAthletics and sprints coach







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