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Leaping and bounding ahead of the competition

The triple jump is an intricate discipline, combining strength, explosive power, speed and agility into a single three-stage event.

Our drills for triple jump training in Southend focuses on acceleration and generating maximum controllable speed. Our athletes focus on acceleration drills, positioning and the technical aspects of the approach, take-off and final hop.

a girl taking a run to a triple jump



a person in the middle of doing a triple jump into a sand pit

Building your child's core skills and strength

Training for our younger athletes focuses more on developing agility, balance, coordination and the fundamentals of the triple jump, while our older athletes work on refining their technique and maximising power.

a close up of a triple jump track with the lines for the last jump

The facilities to bring the max out of your child

SS Athletics Southend enjoys full use of a modern sporting facility, including a full-sized jumps pit to allow for both general and competition-specific triple jump training.



Our triple jump training in Southend is coached by:


Martin Leaver

Martin Leaver - triple jump coach

30+ years of athletics coaching experience.







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