Delivering a specialist athlete programme for
Primary, Secondary and Competitive Athletes

Welcome to SS Athletics Southend.

We deliver a range of specialist athletics programmed tailored for Primary and Secondary school-aged athletes. Our eye for details and training periodisation has created several Borough and County level athletes, some of whom are ranked in the top 10 for their sport.

Our team of UKA-qualified and DBS-checked coaches provide an immersive learning environment and a welcoming atmosphere in which everyone has a sense of belonging, whether they are considering competing or are looking to socialise with like-minded athletes.

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What do we offer at our SS Athletics Southend?

We provide training disciplines for both both track and field sports


Track Sport


a girl in SSAthletics' vest running on a track with others behind her

Middle Distance/Endurance  

A unique test of speed, endurance and tactical racing strategies that improves stamina, cardiovascular and overall aerobic fitness. Distances covering 400m 800m,1500m and Cross country.

a young child running a sprint on a track


A competitive and thrilling discipline which is ideal for developing speed, agility and anaerobic fitness. We cover 60m, 100m and 200m runs.

five hurdles on a red tarmac track


A fun test of speed and agility which both demands and develops coordination and anaerobic fitness. We cover 60m, 100m and 110 metre hurdles.



Field Sport


a person posing in preparation for performing a javelin throw


A technical discipline, javelin throwing a fun way of developing full-body coordination, explosiveness and strength. 


a child in SSAthletics' garb performing a long jump

a man posing in preparation of performing a shotput

Shot Put  

A novel test of both power generation and technical skills, shot put has been shown to improve an athlete's upper-body strength and explosiveness.

a person in midair in the middle of performing a triple jump


a child in SSAthletics' garb doing a high jump over a yellow pole

High Jump  

Reaching maximum height clearance with full body explosiveness and perfect technique.

a person holding a hammer in the middle of doing a hammer throw

a person preparing to perform a discus throw


Throwing a heavy disc as far as possible, testing an athlete's power and timing.




About the Team


 SS Athletics is a team of highly experienced coaches from a range of disciplines. Many of them have competed at regional and national levels, and they bring every ounce of their competitive experience and eye for technical details to the table when coaching their primary and secondary-aged athletes.



About our Team 




How is SS Athletics Southend structured?

SS Athletics is built around a 3-stage pathway which takes our members through learning and refining the fundamentals of track and field,
honing in on their skills and developing them into a comprehensive, competition-ready athlete. 



SS Athletics  

A comprehensive approach to sport that covers all fundamental events and gives participants a well-rounded understanding of track and field, for youngsters aged 5 to 11. 

a child in the lead of a race wearing the SSAthletics' garb



SSA Junior Academy Pathway

Meeting the needs of athletes who have discovered the discipline they excel at and fulfil their potential. Split into under-11s and under-13s. 

a group of eight children smiling at an athletics meet



SSA Academy

A top-to-bottom athletic development program that meets the individual needs of an athlete and optimises their performance. Split into under-13s, under-15s and under-17s.

two teenagers running on a track at an athletics meet

More on our Structure 


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Why should you choose SS Athletics?



Our High-Quality Coaches

The team behind SS Athletics Southend are selected not just based on qualifications, but their passion for coaching and athletic background.


Our Personalised Approach

We aren't keen on one-size-fits-all approaches, and always adapt the discipline to suit the athlete instead of the other way around. We also periodise training based on progression, ramping up if an athlete has a competition soon and taking the foot off the pedal in the off season.




Our Comprehensive Coverage

Our experienced team have all the key track and field events covered, leaving no stone unturned. If a young athlete is looking to train or compete in one of the athletic disciplines, SS Athletics is the place for them.


Our Refreshing Training

There's no doubt that drilling the same movements and the same sports week-in and week-out can get a little stale. Our coaches use modern training methodologies and drills to keep athletes on their toes and training fun. 



 Frequently Asked Questions about our SS Athletics Southend

What should the athlete bring to the club?

Depending on the weather conditions and time of year, we recommend that an athlete packs:

  • Shorts or leggings
  • A t-shirt or vest
  • A pair of trainers or spikes
  • A water bottle (We include plenty of little ‘sip breaks' throughout training to keep our athletes hydrated)
  • Waterproof clothing

How do you assess the athletes?

Our multidisciplined approach and focus on helping our athletes ‘find their feet' means that we track progress across different disciplines at the same time, revealing events they excel at and potential weak points we can hone in on.


What equipment is available at the club?

Our SS Athletics Southend is based out of a modern training facility, which gives us access to:

  • A national running track
  • Both standard javelins and plastic javelins for younger athletes
  • A spot put circle
  • A variety of differently-weighted rubber shots, appropriate for all age groups
  • Jump pits for long jumps, standing long-jumps and triple-jumps


How can I book classes?

Parents and guidance can book classes directly with our dedicated booking app, Class4Kids.





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