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The ultimate goal of SS Athletics Southend is to help young people build confidence and fitness through track and field sports. Whether an athlete has competitive ambitions or simply want to enjoy athletics, SS Athletics Southend offers a balance of technical training and inclusivity.

We're able to achieve this by following a pathway-based approach to training. This functions as a timeline from kids coming in with little-to-no athletics experience, finding what sports they enjoy the most and ‘doubling down' on these strengths, potentially guiding them towards competitions outside the club if they want to.

To register your interest in SS Athletics Southend, please get in touch via our contact form or email us at ssa.athletics.club@gmail.com.

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a child in SSAthletic's garb frontrunning in a track race



a girl in SSAthletics' garb running on a racetrack

a child in SSAthletics' garb running on a racetrack



SS Athletics – Ages 5-11

The SS Athletics program provides a holistic sports experience by encompassing all the major track and field events.

These sessions aren't just about learning and perfecting skills, but fostering a fun and engaging environment to make the learning experience enjoyable. Moreover, these classes aim to support the social needs of the athletes, encouraging teamwork and cooperation so they can develop lifelong friendships.

Whether an athlete has an inclination towards sprinting, throwing or jumping, these classes provide the perfect platform for them to explore their potential while having a great time.

Headed by Daryl Blows. 

a SSAthletics athlete being awarded with a medal

a child in SSAthletics garb with a medal holding up two trophies


SSA Junior Academy Pathway – Under 11s and under 13s

This stage in the journey is tailored for athletes who have shown or expressed an interest in representing SS Athletics at a competitive level.

Headed by Daryl and Martin, this group is designed to meet the needs of these young athletes, the Academy pathway focuses on developing the fundamentals and exposing them to a range of events.

The aim here is for the athlete to go on to represent the club at events and hopefully beyond, fulfilling their potential in their chosen discipline.

Headed by Daryl Blows and Martin Leaver.


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SSA Academy – Under 13s, under 15s and under 17s

The final step in an athlete's pathway, the SSA Academy is an all-encompassing athletic program custom-made to fit an individual athlete.

Athletes benefit from the expertise of event group-level coaches, while our partnership with the Sport Rehab Lab allows us to provide strength and conditioning classes to help them reach their peak physical potential.

Headed by Ian Pike.

With flexible training hours to accommodate an athlete's schedule and other obligations, the SSA Academy is committed to helping athletes excel and pursue their sporting dreams with the utmost convenience and dedication.



Whatever their starting point or experience level, your 5–17-year-old will find friends and fun with SS Athletics.

Email us today at ssa.athletics.club@gmail.com or fill out our contact form and we will be in touch. 

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Meet the Team


image of Daryl Blows, Chairman of SSAthletics

Daryl Blows

Chairman at SS Athletics

“Athletics has been a lifelong passion of mine, having found my feet in cross-country running as a youngster, and I see SS Athletics as the next chapter in a long story.

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I take pride in the club's ability to help children try sports and find their passion, especially primary school-aged kids as I believe this can be a missed opportunity. Whether your athlete has just started their sporting journey or are looking to compete, SS Athletics Southend is here to help them every step of the way.

I challenge my athletes to be the best they can be, but balancing this out with a friendly atmosphere and giving them plenty of opportunities to make friends and socialise. I believe that the coaches I have picked share my passion for athletes, and together we endeavour to support anyone who is associated with the club.”

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Ian Pike

Head of Academy and Lead Endurance Coach

“My journey with sport began with football at age 5, which I carried on playing until I left school at 16. During that time, I also got into running, after seeing my dad train for the London Marathon in 1982, and I haven't stopped in the 40+ years since!

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I've raced all distances, from 800m on the track to a 40-mile ultra-race in ten Peak District, but my personal favourite race distance is the 5km where my personal best is 16.37 on the road. I also helped set a then-world record for a relay race from New York City to Los Angeles at the age of 16, a race that involved a total of 3064 miles and 15 runners.

Having since qualified as a UKA endurance coach over 20 years ago, I am now privileged to share my hard-won knowledge and expertise by coaching athletes on the track, on the roads up to the marathon and for cross-country. My most notable achievement as a coach has been coaching the English National Under 13 Boy cross-country champion in 2011. I have been a self-employed personal trainer and running coach for the last 10 years. I enjoy working with the young athletes at SS Athletics and helping them on the pathway in the sport.”

Martin Leaver - Head of Junior Academy Pathway and Jump Coach

Martin Leaver

Head of SS Athletics Junior Academy Pathway
and Jump Lead coach

“I have been involved with individual and team sports for as long as I can remember, and have been a qualified sports coach for over 30 years now (Where did that time go!)

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I am passionate about embedding good technique and correct movement patterns from an early age, which ensures athletes can both reach their true potential and avoid injuries. I believe athletic underpins many sports, and so I appreciate the importance of building a strong base to allow children to go on and enjoy sport for the rest of their life.

I am a qualified English Athletics event group levels sprint & hurdles and jumps coach (The only one in the county), as well as a level 2 fitness instructor and level 3 badminton coach. I presently coach the Junior Academy Pathway athletes, and act as the lead jumps coach at SS Athletics. Both me and the Club share the same values in continuously looking to improve as individuals and as a team – Enabling, engaging and developing the children's skills and helping them reach their true potential.”



Kerry Edwards - Lead Throwing Coach

Kerri Edwards

Lead Throwing and SS Athletics Secretary

“I have had a lifelong passion for sports and athletics. I started coaching football back in 2012 for an under 5s team, and I did this for 3 years before going into a primary school and coaching the girl's teams and two boy's teams.

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After a career in the school environment which I am very proud of, I loved to coach other sports. With athletics being a real passion of mine, particularly the throwing, this was a natural fit.

I have had the pleasure of coaching many amazing young athletes, even developing some into borough champions and borough record holders. I am always on the lookout for ways to further my knowledge of everything athletics, so I can bring out the best in any young athlete I have the pleasure of coaching.”

Jason Brown - Endurance Coach

Jason Brown

Endurance Coach at SS Athletics
and Lead Welfare officer

“I have had the privilege of being part of the SS Athletics team for over 4 years. I am a UKA-qualified athletics coach, which lets me pursue my passion of cultivating the potential of athletes (Particularly in the realm of endurance).

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Through coaching, I have had the honour of working with and helping athletes achieve excellence. Some have gone on to become county champions at both the borough and county levels.

Coaching isn't just a profession to me – It's a calling, and to that end I'm dedicated to helping develop the athletes I work with so they can maximise their potential.”

Adam McCarthy - Lead springs and hurdles coach

Adam McCarthy

Lead Sprints and Hurdles Coach at SS Athletics
and Assistant welfare supporting officer

“I have had the privilege of serving as a sprints and hurdles coach at SS Athletics for over four enriching years.

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Athletics has been my lifelong love, with a particular emphasis on competing in sprints and hurdles. My true passion lies in the 400m hurdles event specifically, and I find immense satisfaction in nurturing athletes to unlock their full potential.

There's nothing quite like the thrill of pursuing new personal bests for the athletes under my guidance. I dedicate myself to meticulously periodising each athlete's training program, striving to be an integral part of their journey towards self-improvement and success within SSA.”



an image of Nette Taylor, Endurance Assistant Coach

Nette Taylor

Endurance Assistant Coach

“I have always been drawn to running, particularly endurance running, and I love to encourage others to get into it.

By way I work as a children's Children's Specialist Community Public Health nurse, working with families across Essex, but my spare time is spent pursuing my passion for endurance running. I have run 12 marathons to date, and my personal goal is to complete the rest of the world Marathon majors.

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I bring every ounce my passion for endurance running to SS Athletics when it comes to helping my athletes. I am England Athletics-qualified as a run leader (LiRF), coach (CiRF) and have completed training in leading athletics.”

 placeholder for a coach image

Mark Futcher

Hammer and Discus Lead Coach

“I am proud to help young athletes develop their skills and discover their confidence with all things throwing.

As a head coach at a grammar school, I bring plenty of experience to the table. Over the years I have developed a keen eye for the finer details of throwing and the small tweaks that make a big difference.

I enjoy progressing my athletes, watching their initial interest in discus or hammer throwing turn into confidence and genuine proficiency.”

Jake Young - Assistant Throwing Coach at SSAthletics

Jake Young

Assistant Throwing Coach

“I'm one of the newer members of SS Athletics, yet from the moment I joined I knew I was in the right place.

Throwing has always been my favourite of the athletics disciplines, and I'm passionate about helping others fall in love with it as well.

It's incredible and truly rewarding to watch athletes discover the art and science behind throwing, and for me to contribute to their growth and success within this wonderful sport.”



 placeholder for a coach image

Lucy Reeve

Assistant Long Jump Coach

“My heart lies in coaching the art of the long jump.

My true passion is helping athletes not only to enjoy the sport, but to also make significant progress in their long jump skills. Watching our athletes develop their fundamentals and soar to new heights is always rewarding.

As part of the close-knot SS Athletics community team, I am dedicated to nurturing talent and helping my athletes achieve long jump excellence.”

 Kerry B - the assistant jumps coach at SSAthletics

Kerry B

Assistant Jumps Coach

“I have been involved in athletics in one way or another for over 30 years.

I started my own athletics career age 11, when I realised that I could run fast. I lived and breathed athletics for the entirety of my teenage years, and I gradually moved across to the jumps, specifically long jump, and triple jump where I achieved national class standards. 

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Whilst I no longer compete (as my 40-year-old knees won't allow it), I do still own a pair of spikes and regularly take the opportunity to have a little “sprint off” with SSA endurance boys at a Friday session.

I have loved working with the athletes at SSA, watching them grow and develop (some from their very first day on the track, through to their very first competition), and it is wonderful to see the camaraderie and support between the athletes and the coaches. SSA not only helps the athletes achieve their personal bests, but builds character, teaches the athletes how to cope when things don't quite go to plan and in the alternative, encourages them to recognise and celebrate their own success.”

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Liliana Taylor

Endurance Coach

“As a competing cross-country athlete myself, I bring a unique perspective to coaching at SS Athletics.

This experience lays a foundation for my coaching, and I aim to apply my competitive experience in helping my athletes prepare for their races and understand the areas they need to improve.”



placeholder for a coach image

Stuart Smith

Endurance Coach

“Having just joined the SS Athletics team, I am eager to prove myself by improving the performance of my athletes to the best of my abilities.

Whether they are competing in the 400m run or cross-country, I am to improve my athlete's times and overall aerobic fitness at the same time all while reducing their risk of injuries with a sensible biomechanics-first approach to training.”

image of Madison Harris, Endurance Coach

Madison Harris

Endurance Coach

“My coaching is informed by years of experience in competing, including cross country and 800m.

I am currently pursuing a degree in Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough University. The lessons I learn in my studies inform my coaching experience and vice-versa, and I am dedicated to sharing everything I learn to help develop the athletics team.

I also manage the SS Athletics Instagram page, creating and sharing athletics-related content to inform and elevate athletes.”




What do parents say about SS Athletics Southend?


SSA support children to become the best versions of themselves within the athletics sport. They have a sensitive, unique supportive team that nurtures all children of all abilities. Watching all the children grow in confidence both mentally and physically has been wonderful to watch. My little boy is shy, sensitive but fast and with the nurturing support from the coaches, he has now competed, got the buzz and I watched my son transform in front of my eyes, asking to compete in more races. SSA is a great athletics club that meets all abilities. 

Donna B

We were so thrilled to find an athletics club that allows children to start from such a young age (from year 1 I believe)! My 6 year old daughter absolutely loves the sessions. All the coaches are so friendly and welcoming and she has gained so much confidence since attending this club. Communication with parents is great and the enrolling process is very simple. What a great find! 

Lorna L



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