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Welcome to SS Performance – Exclusive 1-on-1 coaching for young athletes at SS Athletics Southend.

The aim of SS Performance is to turn an athlete's weaknesses into strengths and their strengths into game-winning traits, whether they are returning to the field from an injury or aiming to compete.

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Meet Daryl Blows

I've been involved in sports in some form of another for most of my life, from competing in cross-country as a kid to middle-distance running as a teenager to studying sports studies in university. Over those years I've coached athletes who have represented the Essex County Cross Country team, been the team manager of county-level under-15s and under-17s teams and, of course, been running SS Athletics for a number of years.

One lesson I've learned across all this time is that the fundamentals of sports performance never go out of style and can be applied to just about anything. When you improve an athlete's speed, endurance, strength and overall conditioning, everything else goes up at the same time – Be that mile run times, middle-distance records or the scores of an entire rugby team.

As a sports specialist in the community, I'm known throughout the club for being easy-going and approachable. 

 Daryl Blows, chairman of SSAthletics, holding a certificate in one hand and SSAthletics vest in the other




Who is SS Performance for?

Under-18 athletes of all backgrounds and specialities!

The results of getting faster, stronger and better conditioned as a track and field athlete speak for themselves – They can jump higher and further, run faster and for longer and generate more force for throws.

As an experienced athletics coach, my sports coaching in Southend can be used to increase both general athleticism and work on the finer points of a particular sport, like nailing the take-off of a long jump or perfecting throwing form for the javelin.


Daryl Blows, chairman of SSAthletics, with a child who competed in a filed event


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Unleash your child's potential

The same is true for other sports like football and rugby – Raising the floor and the ceiling for what a young athlete can do always pays off, and being faster and stronger is never a disadvantage at a competitive level.

I will work with an athlete's parents the whole way through our coaching time together, assessing their progression session by session and assessing their performance to make sure they are progressing as they should.



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The facilities for success

On-site is our affiliate Sports Rehab Lab. Here, your child has access to a personal gym as well as the biomechanical knowledge to get the most out of your child's training while keeping them in the best shape and form. 

With me being a co-director of the Sports Rehab Hab I can also offer strength and conditioning sessions in our own private gym area for those looking to improve themselves.

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Try-out Support

SS Performance is perfect for athletes looking to get a scholarship for the prestigious primary and secondary schools in the area, such as the Eastwood Academy, the FitzWimarc School and Coopers School in Kent.

Sports coaching at SS Athletics Southend has also been used for passing try-outs for local and regional sports teams, making sure that the athlete passes the trial with flying colours.

What's going on at the club?

Take a look at our blog for updates on community events upcoming competitions and the team's recent wins.


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